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SELL TO US | 727-492-6587

Used Ditch Witch Subsite TK Recon 4 Receiver (Locator). Stock Number: Z841

Original price $ 9,500.00 - Original price $ 9,500.00
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$ 9,500.00
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Used Ditch Witch Subsite TK Recon 4 Locator For Sale


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Package includes:

  • Used TK Recon 4 Locator (Receiver)


  • Multiple locating methods let you use your preferred method of locating, while using a second method to verify your results.
  • Robust radio—with a new, intuitive on/off process—offers increased interference immunity and faster information transfer for more efficiency on the jobsite.
  • New Noise-Floor Analyzer allows you to analyze the noise floor in both Up and Down mode at once for easier planning ahead of your job, saving you time and money.
  • Bore-path analyzer software shows which frequency works best for your particular job and conditions streamlining your pre-bore process.
  • Walkover tracking up to 110 feet with standard-size beacons (15” and 17”). The long 2,000-foot range between the tracker and the drill operator helps keep you more productive.
  • Integrated Compass allows users to determine the magnetic heading of the tracker and the tool head (beacon) for faster orientation.
  • Louder speaker is clear even in high ambient noise areas, providing an additional peak locating method—by number or sound.

Ditch Witch Subsite TK Recon 4 Operator's Manual

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