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HDD Transmitters: A Quick Guide

HDD Transmitters: A Quick Guide

Horizontal Directional Drilling Transmitters Guide

HDD is an acronym for Horizontal Directional Drilling. HDD is a trenchless drilling method used in construction industries for the installation of underground utilities. This is where HDD transmitters come into play.

What is an HDD Transmitter?

HDD transmitters work as electronic tracking and guidance units to install underground cables and pipes. The operators can drill horizontal holes underground using surface-launched drilling rigs. You can find HDD transmitters designed to work in different applications.

There are different designs that work on different frequencies to ensure maximum interference reduction. HDD transmitters have a robust design, and their construction requires durable materials, so they outlast the toughest underground conditions. An HDD transmitter is also known as a Sonde.

How do HDD Transmitters work?

HDD transmitter is a small cylindrical-shaped radio transmitter inside a drilling head. This HDD transmitter transmits signals that help crew members on the surface identify the drill head's current location.

The HDD transmitter typically sits within a housing unit located right behind the cutting head of your horizontal directional drill. As your drill starts working, a crew member will start walking on the surface, directly above your drill's position underground.

The ground crew member holds a handheld receiver with an HDD locator system. This receiver unit catches signals for the HDD transmitter underneath and collects information about its location. The receiver unit then sends all this information to the station of your drill rig operator.

Once your drill operator receives the information, they collect information about the drill head's location and make required adjustments.

The crew on the surface, such as the drill operator, will use this signal's location for guided drilling underground. The drill operators use signals to direct the drill, make shifts, and adjust the drill head's position with accuracy.

Benefits of HDD Transmitters

One of the main benefits of HDD transmitters is that they allow an accurate underground drilling process. The strong materials used in the making are highly durable, which means less damage.

Faster Project Completion

Conventional open-cut trench drilling work used to take a long time. Now, horizontal directional drilling allows faster installations due to HDD transmitters. You can use this method to complete your drilling projects faster and with greater precision.

Saves Time and Resources

Using an HDD transmitter can help you save time and resources. Due to the accuracy of the transmitters, you can easily maneuver your drill's head to the desired location sooner than other drilling methods. This helps you save time and money as you can complete projects on time and avoid any additional labor and other resources costs.

Prevention of Damage to Existing Underground Utilities

With HDD transmitters, you will now be able to detect areas with high electrical interference and prevent your drill from running into any of the existing utilities, such as pipes and cables.

Due to the nature of drill work, you will have to replace or repair your HDD transmitters every now and then. If you wish to buy new or refurbished high-quality HDD transmitters for your drill operations, visit our website.
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