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A Guide to UCG Piercing Tools

A Guide to UCG Piercing Tools
UCG Underground Supplies LLC (UCG), a leading provider of underground piercing tools, offers innovative solutions for a variety of installations, including cable, pipe, conduit, and fiber optic. Their piercing tools, commonly known as "missiles," are essential for efficient underground installations without the need for extensive excavation. Here, we provide a detailed overview of their capabilities, optimal usage conditions, and practical advice for new users.

Recommended Distances for UCG Piercing Tools
The recommended distances for using UCG's piercing tools vary based on the size of the missile and the soil density. Here are the guidelines:
  • 2" Missile: Suitable for distances of 10 to 15 feet. This size is ideal for short runs, particularly under driveways and sidewalks.
  • 2.5", 3", 4" Missiles: Best used for distances ranging from 30 to 50 feet. These larger missiles are more versatile for longer and more demanding projects.
Factors Influencing Distance
The exact distance that a missile can effectively bore is influenced by several factors, with soil density being a critical one. Dense soils may reduce the maximum achievable distance, while looser soils may allow for longer bores.

Compressors Required for Piercing Tools
To operate UCG's piercing tools efficiently, appropriate air compressors are essential. Here are the air consumption requirements for different missile sizes:
  • 2" Missile: Requires an air compressor that provides 25 CFM @ 80-100 PSI.
  • 2.5" Missile: Requires an air compressor that provides 50 CFM @ 90-110 PSI.
  • 3" Missile: Requires an air compressor that provides 50 CFM @ 90-110 PSI.
  • 3" Active Head Missile: Requires an air compressor that provides 40-60 CFM @ 90-110 PSI.
  • 4" Missile: Requires an air compressor that provides 75 CFM @ 90-110 PSI.
Key Questions for New Users
If you are new to using piercing tools, consider asking the following questions to ensure optimal tool selection and usage:
  1. What are you installing? Knowing whether you're installing cable, pipe, conduit, or fiber optic will help determine the appropriate missile size and type.
  2. What distance are you going? The distance of the bore impacts the missile size choice.
  3. How far are you shooting? Understanding the exact distance helps in planning the bore path and selecting the right equipment.
Applications of UCG Piercing Tools
UCG's missiles are versatile and used in various applications, including:
  • Cable installations
  • Pipe installations
  • Conduit installations
  • Fiber optic installations
Optimal Ground Conditions
UCG's missiles perform best in certain ground conditions:
  • Clay: Provides a stable environment for accurate boring.
  • Sand: Allows for smoother operations with less resistance.
For more challenging environments, such as those with heavy rock, the 3" Active Head missile is specifically designed to handle heavy rock conditions, including lime rock, ensuring effective performance in tougher terrains.

Practical Considerations
UCG's piercing tools do not have a built-in transmitter to locate them in the ground. They are pit-to-pit tools that must be leveled correctly to ensure accurate and efficient boring. Proper leveling and alignment are crucial for successful underground installations.

UCG's piercing missiles are essential for efficient underground installations, offering a range of sizes and capabilities to suit various project requirements. By understanding the recommended distances, soil conditions, air compressor requirements, and specific applications, users can maximize the effectiveness of these tools and ensure successful underground installations.