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Vivax Metrotech vLocPro2 Specifications

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Typical Applications
Item Parameter
Description Multi-purpose precision locator receiver

Locating & pinpointing the position of buried

pipes, cables, and sondes

Receiver Assembly
Item Parameter
Weight 4.6lbs (2.1kg)

10.3in(L) x 4.8in(W) x 25in(H) (262mm x

122mm x 639mm)


- Rechargeable custom Lithium-ion batteries

with 100-240V AC mains charger.
- Replaceable (6 x standard

Alkaline AA batteries)

batteries can be used when


External Connectors

- 1 x Socket for accessories port

(analogue & digital)
- 1 x Mini USB socket for data

transfer / programming
- 1 x Socket for battery charger
- 1 x Standard USB (Memory stick)

socket for data transfer

Item Parameter
Performance Using
Single Undistorted
Signal Source

Locate pinpointing accuracy:

- up to 9ft (3m) – 3% of depth

- over 9ft (3m) – 5% of depth

Depth measurement accuracy:

- 3% of depth

Current measurement accuracy:

- 3% of actual current – up to 9ft (3m)

- 5% of actual current – over 9ft (3m)

Depth range: Dependent on strength

of signal radiating to locator

Compatible with

Loc-1Tx, Loc-5Tx, Loc-5STx,

Loc-5DTx, and Loc-10Tx

Item Parameter
Mode Sensitivity at 3.2ft (1m)
50Hz/Power mode 7.5mA
Radio mode 20μA
512Hz/640Hz 400μA
8kHz 40μA
32kHz and Above 25μA
Item Parameter
Temperature Range Operating: -4ºF to 122ºF (-20ºC to 50ºC)
Storage : -40ºF to 140ºF (-40ºC to 60ºC)
Weather Proof IP54 and NEMA 4
Shipping Weight 37lbs (17kg) (with transmitter)
Shipping Dimension

17.5in(L) x 11.2in(W) x 30.1in(H)

(765mm x 285mm x 445mm)

(with transmitter)