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SELL TO US | 727-492-6587

How to use Ditch Witch Subsite 752 locator


This page serves as a brief instruction for individuals who have previous experience using equipment similar to the one you have purchased. We strongly recommend that prior to using your equipment, you carefully read the manual that accompanies it. It is essential that you keep the manual with the equipment at all times for future reference. In the event that you require a replacement copy of the manual, please contact your dealer.

Calibrating the System:

  1. Turn on the Tracker by pressing the power button.
  2. Wait for the system to initialize and display "Ready" on the screen.
  3. Place a known target at a distance of 10 feet from the Tracker.
  4. Press and hold the calibration button until "Calibration" appears on the screen.
  5. Move the Tracker around until it detects the target and displays its location on the screen.
  6. Adjust any necessary settings, such as sensitivity or volume, using the buttons on the Tracker.

Locating Procedure:

  1. Turn on both the transmitter and receiver units.
  2. Set up a signal from the transmitter by connecting it to an active utility line or placing it near a known target.
  3. Adjust any necessary settings, such as frequency or power level, using the buttons on the transmitter.
  4. Hold the receiver unit parallel to and above ground level while walking in a straight line towards where you believe the utility line is located.
  5. Listen for audio signals from both sides of receiver unit indicating that you are directly above or below utility line.

Service Procedure:

If your Ditch Witch equipment malfunctions, notify your authorized Ditch Witch dealer immediately by providing them with model number, serial number, approximate date of purchase, and detailed explanation of malfunction. Return damaged parts to an authorized Ditch Witch dealer for inspection and warranty consideration.

Order genuine Ditch Witch replacement or repair parts from your Ditch Witch dealer only as use of another manufacturer’s parts may void warranty.

Thank you for choosing Ditch Witch equipment and we hope this guide has been helpful in properly using and calibrating your 752 Tracker.