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How to use Digitrak Mark V locator

How to use Digitrak Mark V locating system

This page serves as a brief instruction for individuals who have previous experience using equipment similar to the one you have purchased. We strongly recommend that prior to using your equipment, you carefully read the manual that accompanies it. It is essential that you keep the manual with the equipment at all times for future reference. In the event that you require a replacement copy of the manual, please contact your dealer.


The DigiTrak Mark V Locating System is a powerful tool for directional drilling. This system provides accurate depth, pitch, roll, and locate points to help you drill with precision. Here's how to use the system:

  1. Review the Manual: Before using the Mark V system, carefully review the manual and the DigiTrak Mark III Operator's Manual to ensure you know how to operate the DigiTrak System properly.

  1. Turn on the Receiver: To turn on the Mark V receiver, click the trigger once. You will then see the locating screen.

  1. Understand Display Symbols: The display symbols that appear on the locating screen are described in detail in the manual (see "Display Symbols" section).

  1. Test System Calibration: Prior to starting each drilling run, test the DigiTrak System with the transmitter inside the drill head to confirm that it is operating properly. Regularly test system calibration while drilling using the ultrasonic function.

  1. Check for Signal Interference: Test system for on-site signal interference. Background noise must be below 150, and signal strength must be at least 250 points above background noise during all locating operations.

  1. Use Remote Steering: If you need to use remote steering, refer first to "Remote Steering" under Remote Display section in DigiTrak Mark III Directional Drilling Locating System Operator's Manual for instructions on how to set up equipment.

  1. Troubleshoot Issues: If you encounter any issues while using this system, refer to the manual for troubleshooting tips and solutions.

  1. Follow Safety Precautions: Always follow safety precautions when using this system as outlined in the manual.

By following these steps and referring back to the manual as needed, you can effectively use your DigiTrak Mark V Locating System for successful directional drilling operations!