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How to use DigiTrak Falcon F1 locator



This page serves as a brief instruction for individuals who have previous experience using equipment similar to the one you have purchased. We strongly recommend that prior to using your equipment, you carefully read the manual that accompanies it. It is essential that you keep the manual with the equipment at all times for future reference. In the event that you require a replacement copy of the manual, please contact your dealer.


The DigiTrak Falcon F1 is a state-of-the-art directional drilling guidance system designed to help you navigate underground drilling with ease. Here's how to use it:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the equipment: Before using the DigiTrak Falcon F1, it's important to read the entire operator's manual, especially the section on safety. Make sure you understand how each component works and how they all fit together.

  1. Power on the system: To power on the system, make sure that the regional designation number in the globes on both the receiver startup screen and transmitter body match. If they don't match, contact your DigiTrak dealer for assistance.

  1. Pair and calibrate: Prior to use, the receiver must be paired to and calibrated with the transmitter. Calibration ensures that accurate data is being transmitted between both components. Follow these steps to ensure proper calibration:
  • From the Main menu, select Calibration and then 1PT CAL (1-point calibration).
  • Use a tape measure to ensure the distance from the center of the transmitter to the inside edge of the receiver is 10 ft.
  • Click to begin calibration when prompted by a flashing trigger click prompt.
  • The display will count down to zero while the receiver records the calibration point. Do not move the receiver during this time.

It's important to note that if you wait longer than about 15 seconds to click the trigger, the calibration will terminate and you will see the Above Ground Range (AGR) screen instead.

  1. Locate your target: Once calibrated, you can begin locating your target by using either a walkover or flyover procedure. The walkover procedure involves physically walking over the area where you want to drill while holding the receiver unit and following its directional arrows until you reach your target location.

  1. Use AGR: The Auto Gain Control (AGR) feature helps maintain a consistent signal strength by automatically adjusting gain levels based on ground conditions.

  1. Watch training videos: For subjects with training videos available online, look for this icon in your manual and visit for more information.

  1. Troubleshoot issues: If you encounter any issues while using your DigiTrak Falcon F1 system, refer to troubleshooting tips in your manual or contact customer service for assistance.

By following these steps and taking advantage of all of its features, you can use your DigiTrak Falcon F1 Directional Drilling Guidance System to achieve accurate and efficient drilling results.