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How to use Digitrak F5 Locator



This page serves as a brief instruction for individuals who have previous experience using equipment similar to the one you have purchased. We strongly recommend that prior to using your equipment, you carefully read the manual that accompanies it. It is essential that you keep the manual with the equipment at all times for future reference. In the event that you require a replacement copy of the manual, please contact your dealer.


The DigiTrak F5 Locating System is a powerful tool used during horizontal directional drilling operations to locate and track a transmitter installed in the drill head. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use the system:

  1. Power on the receiver, remote display, and transmitter: The first step is to power on all three components of the system. The handheld receiver and remote display are powered by rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs, while the transmitter is powered by its own battery.

  1. Conduct interference check: Before you start locating, it's important to conduct an interference check to ensure that there are no sources of electromagnetic interference that could affect your readings. This can be done by following the instructions on page 47 of the operator's manual.

  1. Calibrate receiver to transmitter: Once you've completed the interference check, it's time to calibrate the receiver to the transmitter. This ensures that you get accurate readings when locating. Follow the instructions on page 50 of the operator's manual for this step.

  1. Set roll offset: If required, set roll offset using page 56 of the operator's manual.

  1. Set height-above-ground (HAG) distance: If desired, set HAG distance using page 57 of the operator's manual.

  1. Begin locating: With all components powered on and calibrated, you're ready to begin locating! Follow these steps:

- Hold the receiver in your hand and walk around until you get a signal from the transmitter.

- Use the arrows on the receiver screen to guide you towards where you think the transmitter is located.

- As you get closer, use both audio and visual cues from the receiver to pinpoint exactly where it is.

- Once you've located it, mark its position so that it can be dug up later.

  1. Log data (optional): If you're using the drill DataLog or pressure-tension DataLog function, you can log data while drilling. Follow the instructions on page 58 of the operator's manual for this step.

  1. Monitor pullback and pressure (optional): If you're using the F5 TensiTrak system pullback and pressure monitoring system, follow the instructions on page 59 of the operator's manual to monitor these parameters.

Remember to always read the entire operator's manual before using the DigiTrak F5 Locating System, especially the section on safety. With proper use and calibration, this system can help you locate transmitters with ease.