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Viavi JDSU ONX-630 One Expert Docsis 3.1 CATV Tester ONX-CATV-D31-S-4285-1012. Stock number: T111

by Viavi
Original price $ 4,000.00 - Original price $ 4,000.00
Original price
$ 4,000.00
$ 4,000.00 - $ 4,000.00
Current price $ 4,000.00

Package includes:

  • used Viavi ONX-630 OneExpert CATV Tester 
  • used AC Adapter/Charger
  • used Power Cable
  • used Case For Unit w/ Strap


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Specifications for Viavi JDSU ONX-630 One Expert Docsis 3.1 CATV Tester:

Installed Options:
- Ingress Expert
- IPX Package
- NTX Package
- ONX Bluetooth SW OPT
- ONX DOCSIS 32x8 Bonding
- ONX Mobile SW OPT
- OneCheck Expert
- RSG Loopback
- Sweepless Sweep
- TSX Package
- VoIP

Range Diplexer Upstream Downstream
ONX-630 - Automatically Switching Diplexer 42/85 4 - 42 MHz and 4 - 85 MHz 54 - 1,004 MHz and 108 - 1,218 MHz
65/204 4 - 65 MHz and 4 - 204 MHz 83 - 1,218 MHz and 258 MHz - 1,218 MHz
Accuracy ±10 ppm typical @25°C
Downstream Analysis — Port 1
AutoChannel plan builder Auto detection of channel parameters (analog/digital, symbols, QAM)
Max input power 60 dBmV total integrated power
Operation on powered tap Operate with up to 90 V AC/DC on input port
Power detection / notification Notify of AC/DC power presence on port 2 above 2 Volts
Return loss >9 dB
Upstream Analysis - Port 2
Ingress spectrum scan 0.5 – 204 MHz
Sensitivity −45 dBmV
RBW 300 kHz
Min detectable level upstream −55 dBmV
Dynamic range ONX-630 – 60dB
Max total integrated power 55 dBmV, 4 – 10 MHz; 60 dBmV, 10 to 204 MHz
Accuracy ±2 dB typical at 25°C
Sampling rate Hyper SpectrumTM FFT gapless technology - no missed samples, spans 0.5 -110 MHz, 110 to 160 MHz, and 160 to 204 MHz
Return loss >9.5 dB
Operation on powered tap Operate with up to 90 V AC/DC on input port
Power detection / notification Notify of AC/DC power presence on port 2 above 2 Volts
Upstream Signal Generator
Number of signals generated simultaneously From 1 to 8
Signal types signals either all CW or all modulated
Modulation supported QPSK, 16 QAM, and 64 QAM
Symbol rates supported 5.12, 2.56, 1.28, 0.64, 0.32, and 0.16 Msym/s
Analog Channel Measurement
Video and audio levels (dual)
Standards NTSC , PAL, SECAM
Min detectable signal −50 dBmV (single channel)
Level accuracy ±1.5 dB from −20 dBmV to +50 dBmV typical at 25°C; ±2.0 dB, −10°C to +50°C
RBW 300 kHz
Carrier to Noise
Channel types NTSC , PAL, SECAM, non-scrambled
Range 30 to 51 dB (NTSC, 4 MHz measurement bandwidth)
Required input level 0 to +40 dBmV with 77 analog channels present, maximum ±15 dB tilt 50 to 1,000 MHz
Accuracy ±2.0 dB within specified measurement range ≤ 600 MHz
Downstream Digital Channel Analysis
Calibrated power levels -20 dBmV to +50 dBmV
Level accuracy ±1.5 dB from -20 dBmV to +50 dBmV typical at 25°C; ±2.0 dB, -10°C to +50°C
Modulation(s) 64, 128, and 256 QAM, OFDM
Annex A: 5.057 to 6.952 MSPS
Annex B: 5.057 for 64 QAM and 5.361 MSPS for 256 QAM
Annex C: 5.274 MSPS for 64 QAM and 5.361 MSPS for 256 QAM
Regional demods DVB-C
Full span MER
Ingress under carrier — full span ingress noise trace
Group delay and in-channel frequency response (ICFR)
Digital quality index (DQI) over time
Errored/severely errored seconds
Level, measured symbol rate, carrier frequency, modulation, interleaver depth
Hum Specification
Hum frequency range 25 Hz to 1000 Hz
Minimum MER 33 dB
Accuracy up to 5% hum +/- 0.8%
From 5% to 10% +/- 1.0%
OFDM Signal Performance Metrics
OFDM Channels 24 - 192 MHz wide - up to 3 active OFDM channels
Level - max, min, average, standard deviation relative to a 6 MHz carrier per CableLabs
MER - max, min, average, standard deviation, percentile 12 to 50 dB
MER channel band graph max, min, avg across entire OFDM carrier
Noise max
Echo dBc
ICFR in-carrier frequency response (dB)
Spectrum/IUC spectrum display, including carrier and ingress under carrier
OFDM Profile Analysis
Profiles A, B, C, D, NCP, and PLC (more profiles as implemented) Lock status, codeword errors (corrected and uncorrected)
DOCSIS Testing
Supports DOCSIS 3.1 bonding up to 32 SC-QAM + 2 OFDM downstream channels, 8 SC-QAM + 2 OFDMA upstream channels
Compliant with CableLabs® specifications for DOCSIS 3.1
Compliant with CableLabs® specifications for DOCSIS 3.0 (32x8 bonding)
Displayed DOCSIS Results
Top level Number of bonded channels, min receive level, max BER (pre-FEC), min and max MER, max transmit level, max ICFR (in-channel frequency response)
Details Downstream SC-QAM (over time charts: level, MER, BER, DQI), Upstream (charts: transmit over time, upstream ICFR, upstream EQ taps
Service tests Registration, Throughput, Ping/ Traceroute, Packet Quality; cable modem pass-through
OFDM OFDM selected in scan, number of subcarriers, PLC lock status, frequency, level, and MER, CWE (corr, uncorr); OFDM channel(s) - Level variation (max, min, avg), MER variation (max, min, avg), ICFR, profile analysis (locked, CWE corr, CWE uncorr)
Frequency range 54/85/108/258 to 1,000/1,218 MHz (dependent on currently active diplexer frequency)
Frequency range 5 to 204 MHz (dependent on currently active diplexer frequency)
OFDMA channels ≥2, per DOCSIS specification
Transmit level range (max) +61 to +48 dBmV depending on modulation format and number of bonded carriers, per DOCSIS specification
SC-QAM channels up to 8 per DOCSIS specification
Specified range (with input level -5 to +20 dBmV) 21 to 40 dB, 64 QAM; 28 to 40 dB, 256 QAM; 16 to 44 dB OFDM
Max displayable range 50 dB
Resolution 0.1 dB
Accuracy ±2 dB typical at 25°C
Minimum lock level −15 dBmV
BER - ChannelCheck and DOCSISCheck Mode Down to 1E-9 (pre and post FEC)
BER - OneCheck mode Down to 1E-8 (pre and post FEC) default; 1E-9 user selectable
Interleaver depth 128, 8 max
High-brightness color LCD (800 x 480) 5 inch diagonal
Touch screen Capacitive
Hard key navigation capable
Boot time Approximately 20 sec
For indoor/outdoor use IP 54 light rain (0.5 in/hr; 1.27 cm/ hr)
Drop 1m (3.3 ft) onto concrete
Temp range Operating −10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F)
Storage temp −20 to 60°C (-4 to 140°F)
Humidity 10 – 90% RH non-condensing
RF immunity 8.5 V/m (for CATV measurements)
Maximum altitude 4000 m (13,123 ft)
RF (2) F connectors replaceable
Port 1 Downstream 54/85/108/258 MHz depending on diplexer
Port 2 Upstream 4 – 204 MHz and TDR
USB host (2)
Ethernet (2) RJ45 10/100/1000T
Power Polarized
Remote Access/Connectivity
VNC accessible via IP address
HTTPS file access via IP address
Mobile application via Bluetooth
Field replaceable 96 W/hr 10.4 V, 10-cell LiIon
Typical battery life 6 – 8 hr continuous, 15 – 20 hr typical usage
Battery charge time 4 Hrs (90%) 6 - 8 Hrs 100% (AC charger)

Used Viavi JDSU ONX-630 One Expert Docsis 3.1 CATV Tester. In stock, and job-site ready. Call for pricing. Package components available for individual sale.

Stock number: T111

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