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Used SPX Radiodetection RD8100 PDL Cable & Pipe Locator. Stock number: R66

Brand: Radiodetection


  • $ 2,200.00


Package includes:

  • used SPX Radiodetection RD8100 PDL locator
  • used charger for RD8100 PDL Li-ion battery


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Specifications for the SPX RD8100 PDL locator:

Sensitivity:  6E-15 Tesla 5µA at 1 meter (33kHz)
Dynamic range: 140dB rms/√Hz
Selectivity: 120dB/Hz
Depth measurement precision*: ± 3%
Locate accuracy: ± 5% of depth
Active Locate filter bandwidth:

± 3Hz, 0 < 1kHz

± 10Hz, ≥ 1kHz

Maximum depth readout**:

Cable / Pipe: 98 feet (30m)

Sonde: 64 feet (19.5m)


With Lithium-Ion battery pack fitted: 4lb (1.8kg)

With D-cell alkaline batteries fitted: 4.2lb (1.9kg)

Operating temperature:

14 to 122°F (-20 to 50°C)

Ingress Protection rating***:

Protected against dust ingress and jets of water5
applied from any direction

Unit dimensions:

25.5 × 11.3 × 4.9 in (648 × 286 × 125 mm)

*Based on volumetric testing at a known fixed depth. True depth accuracy depends on factors such as ground composition, utility characteristics and the locate frequency / signal strength employed. Always follow local safe digging guidelines

** The SPX RD8100 PDL will locate to greater depths in the right conditions, but depth accuracy will be compromised. Depth measurement will not be displayed beyond these depths.

***Water projected by a nozzle at a pressure of 30kPa /0.3 bar / 4.4 psi in accordance with BS EN 60529 1992 A2 2013

Used SPX Radiodetection RD8100 PDL Cable & Pipe locator. In stock, and job-site ready. Call for pricing. Package components available for individual sale.

Stock number: R66

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