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Steep Taper Fly-Cutter Reamers

Steep Taper Fly-Cutter Reamers

Brand: UCG HDD

  • $ 1,850.00


Available in 3, 4 & 5-wing designs depending on the diameter of the reamer. This open-bodied reamer features steep tapered wings with two rows of large carbide cutters and a heavy-duty centralizing ring for added toughness for use in hard ground and with larger drill rigs. Like our standard Fly-Cutter this tool delivers smooth cutting along with excellent mixing characteristics.

Key features include: centralizing ring; 2-rows of large carbide cutters positioned along the length of the wings; leading edge of wings are hard surfaced; replaceable fluid ports located all along the  rear of each wing presoaks the path of the oncoming cutters for efficient mixing and a centralizing ring helps reamer run true in the bore hole; All of this adds up to a low-mass/low-torque tool that allows more work to be accomplished with less effort.

Shaft size: 3" – 6 5/8" 
Size range: 12" – 54"