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RadioDetection 5100H20+ Precision Pipe & Cable Locator

RadioDetection 5100H20+ Precision Pipe & Cable Locator - UCG

Brand: UCG Underground, Inc


  • $ 4,495.00

  • iLOC – a remote control link between locator and transmitter. Spend less time walking and more time locating.
  • CD (Current Direction) – identify your target amongst a number of parallel utilities.
  • Guidance Mode – the Target Position Indicator, proportional arrows and audio signals guide you towards the target pipe or cable. The orientation and the Signal Strength given out by the target is also displayed.
  • StrikeAlert – visual and audio warnings of shallow cables reduces the risk of accidents.
  • Compass – a visual indication of the target pipe or cable’s orientation, simplifying the task of following the correct target line.
  • TruDepth – depth readings are given only when the RD5100 is correctly oriented.
  • Audio tones – in Guidance Mode, different tones to the left and right guide you towards and along the target.•
  • Dynamic Overload Protection – reduces the effect of interference, enabling use in electrically noisy environments such as near overhead power lines.
  • Depth and Current – a simultaneous read-out on active lines for confidence you are following the correct target.
  • 90V Transmitter output – put more locate signal on high impedance target lines.
  • Rechargeable batteries – Li-Ion packs available as options for locator and transmitter.