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Used DigiTrak® Mark V™ Locating System (Locating Package)



  • $ 5,989.00



The DigiTrak Mark V Locating System is a dual-frequency locating system with operating frequencies at 32.77 and 1.52 kHz. The 32.77-kHz frequency is the standard frequency used by most DigiTrak transmitters. The lower frequency is provided to reduce the effects of passive interference, such as wire mesh or rebar. The frequency can be changed during drilling or setup. Locating the drill head is streamlined with the Mark V graphic display, which guides you in positioning a target (or a line) in a box on the display window to locate the transmitter in the drill head. You can also locate using the plus/minus signs, as on earlier DigiTrak models. The DigiTrak Mark V system uses the same NiCad battery packs and battery chargers as the Mark III system.

Package includes:

  • Refurbished Locator
  • Refurbished Remote Display
  • Refurbished Transmitter
  • New 3 Nicad batteries
  • New 1 Nicad battery charger

It is in stock and job-site ready. Package components available for individual sale. Stock number: #A17.

Warranty 100 days